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Who is behind these cosmetics?

The Auvergne company Terre Sensorielle is a natural cosmetics laboratory located in Courpière in Puy-de-Dôme. We manufacture cosmetics that respect the skin and the environment.

Our story begins in 2017, when the beautician Laetitia CHOVELON decided to use only natural products in her institute. She then created her own cosmetics in a very traditional way. The production evolves rapidly by widening the range, and the notoriety of the company.


Mrs. CHOVELON's institute is called Terre Sensorielle Institut, it is located in Thiers and mainly uses cosmetics from our Terre Sensorielle range for its treatments. The beauty center is also a point of exhibition and sale of these cosmetics. 

Terre Sensorielle evolves day by day and welcomes new people, in the laboratory and in the offices:  

  • Sylvie is in charge of the laboratory, she takes care of the regulations and the management of stocks.

  • Léa is on a work-study program, she manufactures and packages the products with Laetitia.

  • Julia works in marketing and communication, she manages social networks and the website.

The diverse skills and knowledge of our team allow us to adapt to any circumstance.

To allow you to learn more about our cosmetics, we share our daily life and our advice on our social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

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